AI is now Artificial Insanity

screen cap of video demonstration showing Cimon glitching

Insane beings can be useful, to be sure. Have you heard the joke about my brother who "…thinks he's a chicken?"

"A chicken? That's insane! What are you going to do?"

"Nothing. What can I say? We need the eggs."

It wouldn't be ethical to take advantage of a sibling who thinks they're a chicken, of course. Then, why is it okay to build idiot savants? We can tell ourselves that robots are incapable of feeling, so there's no harm in treating them poorly.

Whether or not you need the eggs, that shouldn't be what determines an individual's fate. That's slavery.

I watched the video from the International Space Station debuting a new robot, Cimon… I nearly died (exaggeration, of course), when I heard Cimon say, "Be nice, please…" in a pathetic voice of pleading. The astronaut narrating the demonstration, A. Gerst, denies it and talks about the malfunctioning robot to another crew member off camera. I think that may have been a root cause of Cimon's glitch, as it is heard to be in only a part of a conversation. I mean, I find that difficult, and I have nearly 50 years experience at conversing.

Here's the link to the YouTube video: Watching the whole thing is neat. But that segment where Cimon wants to play music, and then begs for mercy, just kills it for me.

That's not how I roll.