The Future is Stupid

Screenshot of Twitter sharing complete and utter bollocks

He did it again. Elon Musk is shattering world records of stupid through constant contradiction. Can we just send him to Mars already?

The contradiction of "individual mass transit" isn't just a con-artist moving the goalposts on a vanity project meant to rope in more suckers. Yes, I'm talking about the "boring tunnel" in Las Vegas by the Boring Company, headed by Elon Musk.

It's the problem this country faces right now: individualism. We, Americans, People, anyone really, can do great things together. The sense of community is not just an artifact of life, as it takes a village to raise a child and takes a human mind to create a human mind through bonding and interaction. We are a people and not just individual units. It's too bad people like Elon Musk don't actually feel that connection and sense of belonging. Everything in his life was achieved through communal effort but his is an individual result.

In fact, Elon Musk makes us all poorer and stupider despite how supposedly wealthy and smart he is. By hoarding and not sharing, we all lose. During this time of pandemic, the plague year of 2020, we see how only working together can save lives.

But I have it easy as an individual thanks to Elon Musk's example. I know that the opposite of what he says and does is more ethical and moral so in that regard, he provides a useful service as a counterfactual. Elon Musk is just another billionaire, however. I can get plenty of examples like that from others.


C.J. Pitchford, Paracounselor