Learning to program isn't getting harder

In his blog at Probably Overthinking It, Allen Downey wrote that a programmer shouldn't have to learn system administration. That's a fundamental error, but one that's easy to understand. Do you have to know chemistry and physics in order to drive a car?

If programming weren't a fundamental alteration and control of a computer's innermost workings, then, no. Don't learn how to install programs or configure an operating system. When you only have to turn a steering wheel and push a lever with your toe, the chemistry of internal combustion and the physics of moving objects is definitely "over thinking" in my opinion.

But programming isn't like driving a car, it is more akin to building a car. If you want to build something, you should know the fundamentals. 

Otherwise, what you build will only work by accident. When it comes to both driving and programming, accidents aren't the optimal result!