Looks Like Multi-Model is the Way

No, this isn't a Mandalorian reference. Well, it wasn't until I just wrote it—and I haven't seen it so I can't really comment on that.

I just visited a little website called "Slashdot," as one does, and saw that researchers at Google AI are working on mixing and matching the models:


Other articles at Slashdot recently spoke of Google AI Ethics needing to hire twice as many employees, but I didn't want to point out that embarrassing recent events—that is, literally—firing the top AI Ethics researchers would mean starting from scratch. Anything times zero is still zero, and I would think that the brain trust at Google would realize this.

I'm glad that others are coming around to the realization I've been slow to capitalize upon. I've been reading The New Breed by Kate Darling, and it's slowly coming around to "Domesticated Robotics," but it's not quite there, yet! I'll post a full review after I finish.