Not Okay, Not at All

Picture by AP with headline by Post: Flame-throwing drones incinerate hornets

Not the worst drone-related news, as that infamous distinction goes to the attack upon an Iranian nuclear scientist that supposedly involved an autonomous machine gun.

I won't link to the horrible NY Post article shown in the picture accompanying this article. The yahoos depicted in the AP photo could come from anywhere.

The photo I'm referring to shows a hexacopter with a nozzle dangling from a tube belching flame upon a hornet's nest. The photo shows the flames aren't the most dangerous part of the drone. It only has one GPSS/GLONASS receiver and one radio transceiver. Irresponsible to fly a rig like that without a backup? You bet! And accompanying photos showed the nozzle taped to the tube and I wouldn't have believed it would have worked except for the photographic evidence I want to document here.

I mean, I'm just being facetious about the lack of redundancy. Flaming death from above is pure, 100%, nightmare fuel. We don't need that. It's just not okay despite how "cool" the 12-year-old inside each of us might think of the idea of flame-throwing drones. Not to mention, although I already did, drones with machine guns.

My son was about twelve when he made model guns from paper. Some of the models he built had simulated actions like cartridges and clips, and he learned about how a gun works without ever firing a shot. The closest I ever got to the military was in the library!

But I hope that future editions of Jane's All the World's Weapons don't have "Terminators" in them. That's not okay. Not at all.



C.J. Pitchford, Paracounselor