Project Protohyperlapse

An iPhone and two iPads are shown attached to a tripod next to flowers

Announced last night on Facebook to absolutely no fanfare: Project Protohyperlapse! Not one… Not two; but three! Three cameras!

Anyone following my writing knows why I need three points of view or dimensions to capture the experience of consciousness. Although this is an artistic project, the implications go beyond what is seen to what is felt. And what is feeling? I've written about that before, so I'll hold off from following that tangent. I'm focused on the use of these robots! And if I'm lucky, the instantiation of a single metabot emerging from the interaction?

My first time-lapse experiment used two video overlays to approximate binocular vision. I'm going to try some of that this time, too. I realized that my use of timelapse photography is similar to my approach to MIDI recording. I mean, just very simple robots: last night I had two video cameras take pictures every few seconds. Of course, shooting timelapse photography back in the pre-digital age there would have been a mechanism to automatically advance the film. Now I have software automation for music and visual arts, too.

But that's not all. I'm going to use the different video feeds as inputs and filters for Deep Learning as well. That's when it will start getting weird. Wait until you hear the music that will go with the results…