Really not an Obsession

I do go on and on about Tesla. I'm not the only one, and not even the only, lonely, critic. And this seems important.

Germany has come to its senses regarding Tesla's Autopilot and Elon Musk's wild claims, at least as this one ruling is concerned.

Via Slashdot, I found this article:

And it comes on the heels of Elon Musk saying that it would be out of beta or whatever soon (it's always "almost" ready, sometimes even described as "feature complete!"), and $1000 more expensive. Also, shares in Tesla Corp have been blowing up despite the Coronavirus due to the hype, no doubt. And if the valuation was deserved, great. But Elon is peddling snake oil when his cars can't even keep their bumpers from falling off after driving through a puddle!

Okay, that's just incompetence masquerading as fashion. Tesla cars are shoddily built and even the best attempts at Nürburgring require special adaptions. The new Porsche EV is engineered, not scrummed and sprinted using the "move fast and break things" rule invented by sociopaths to avoid accountability. Oh, wait, maybe that's not fair. Elon Musk may actually be worth tens of billions of dollars in Tesla options. He just cashed out $700 million dollars after selling his Malibu home, so I hope there's a happy ending to this story.

I'm thinking he's about to ditch society to go hide on an uncharted island but maybe I just want to see that happen?