They no longer even care

Tesla has stopped responding to the NTSB regarding Autopilot. What fresh new amoral hell is this?

Auto News has the deets over at

But this is wrong on every conceivable level. Elon Musk has apparently publicly disclosed information about an ongoing investigation contrary to regulations.

And if that's not bad enough, how can they have simply stopped responding to NTSB inquiries? Tesla was either lucky or predatory (Elon works hard to keep it that way) and survived when their partners didn't. Tesla's original roadster was a frankencar built from a body by Lotus and drivetrain by A123 Electronics. Only Elon survived when the rest of the companies went bankrupt delivering the tech that Tesla smartly packaged as its own.

This sad episode appears to be just another corporate doubling down on disruption, putting profits over people and endangering everyone just to suit their own purposes. No thanks. It's past time for that to be over and done.


The US military sets a higher standard than Tesla!

C.J. Pitchford, Paracounselor