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Late stage neural vision generator

Well, look who's discovered a neurological interest in cognition? Everyone!

Here's the link that tipped me off:

The original article in Forbes (which seems to always get Apple-related info wrong, as if on purpose) says that Google, Apple, Facebook and other tech companies are raiding university research labs. The current fad in Artificial Intelligence involves "neural networks" that are actually neither. Well, the graph of the relationships among the nodes can be called a network, and the chaining of statistical regressor functions were inspired by the neurons and synapses of an organic brain. But the role that programming versus learning in Artificial Intelligence now seems like a re-hash of the nature-versus-nurture debate. Models can be learned, but without the structures in place to support developing models, it will be a fruitless division for AI. Or, the start of yet another round of psychotic demonstrations (Deep Dream, anyone?) even more disturbing than the last.

Like that's gonna help? I mean, the AI conferences are full of neurological studies of endocrine systems. But will replicating a complex system that evolved for survival be the best model for digital assistants and other inorganic personalities?

Yes, I know that's a loaded question around here. Stay tuned for new developments (of the philosophically mind-blowing variety; having been told recently, "You've given us a lot to think about," and "We need to sit down and discuss this over a beer or three…") appearing right here, very soon!

Image by jessica mullen at (cc-by-2.0).