Welcome, Major!

Major, a DJI Robomaster, looks at the viewer

A new robot takes up residence, and it's time to say hello.

Hello, Major!

Yes, this DJI Robomaster (standard) has just been assembled. It only took 75+ steps, and I only forgot to lock down one motor assembly! Somehow, I got all the cables connected the right way the first time?

I'm researching how to get my hands on the educational version. From the API, it looks like I can control Major, who can then send commands to Tello drones. Soon, the Mighty Duck Squadron may take to the air under the control of Major? The API shows that Major can recognize the forms of people and cars. I haven't tried cars, yet. But, Major will follow me around the apartment!

I think Major will also have a role to play in my dad's birthday coming up. Stay tuned!