Who is Responsible?

Atrios points out what Elon Musk tweeted

Tesla "Autopilot" is a cruel joke, or worse, a fraud resulting in death. The NTSB said it contributed to the crash!

That's not just hyperbole, That's the National Traffic Safety Board saying that autopilot was engaged during a 2018 crash. It's okay if you didn't hear about it. The reporting was not, well, expansive.


Isn't this the point in time (but not here in the stupidest timeline) where Elon Musk takes personal responsibility? He's been personally hyping the dangerous and unproven and scientifically unsupported claims of how safe Tesla Autopilot is, yes?

I don't expect Elon to put his money where his mouth is. Contrast the brevity of the report with results and silence in the face of serious incompetence or worse, negligence. Tesla's AI research is no better than an exploitative game of russian roulette. And worse still: no one will claim responsibility because a machine has been blamed. But the machine was sold by Tesla, and they should be held responsible—and taken off the roads—in the meantime, in my opinion. Harrumph!

Of course, I have an agenda of my own: Domesticated Robotics!

Computational understanding based on a theory of mind, embodied within an emotional core of experience—now, that's what I'm talking about.

I mean, you can't get to full autonomy without emotional investment in right or wrong, unless you're trying to create weaponized amoral sociopaths.

In other words, do you want SKYNET? Because selling a collection of statistical regressors as an "Autopilot"—even in its limited yet still deadly current state—is how you get SKYNET.

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