Looks Like Multi-Model is the Way

No, this isn't a Mandalorian reference. Well, it wasn't until I just wrote it—and I haven't seen it so I can't really comment on that.

Domesticated Robotics Taking Academia by Storm

electronic drum components as seen from a low angle

Well, I might be getting ahead of myself. But at least one other researcher is talking about a different approach to AI. Can you hear the thunder?

Welcome, Major!

Major, a DJI Robomaster, looks at the viewer

A new robot takes up residence, and it's time to say hello.

Hello, Major!

Why Not, Indeed?

Cartoon panels with person and robot and commentary

The image accompanying this article is from part of the work at https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/wonder-2, © Zach Wienersmith, and appears here as fair use (commentary), because: Boy! Do I have comments on the state of AI development.

Not Okay, Not at All

Picture by AP with headline by Post: Flame-throwing drones incinerate hornets

Not the worst drone-related news, as that infamous distinction goes to the attack upon an Iranian nuclear scientist that supposedly involved an autonomous machine gun.

I won't link to the horrible NY Post article shown in the picture accompanying this article. The yahoos depicted in the AP photo could come from anywhere.

No Trust, No Robots

A photo of East Reservoir, Lakewood, CO, at dawn, showing reflected clouds

The title of this little blog entry might sound familiar, as I was recently introduced to the ideas of "No Justice, No Robots." That, itself, is a play on the name of the activist group, "No Justice, No Peace" and they all come together in one sad event at Google.

Ravens and Theory of Mind

HUGIN III, an Evo II, is one drone while MUNIN II, a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, is another

Hugin and Munin make appearances in two articles as two very different entities. Perhaps you already know the names come from Norse mythology. Myths tries to teach us what science now confirms.

Welcome, Hugin!

HUGIN III, an Evo II, is one drone shown flying against a clear blue sky.


Hugin, the third of its name, took to the air today in a successful test flight.

Immoral Uncertainty

An example of unsupervised immorality

Successors to the popular Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) neural model have been tested for morality. Any surprise they all failed?


Image of NY Times headline "BIDEN BEATS TRUMP"

We did it! We made it through the nightmare that started even before this website existed!


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