Episode 30 Audio: Something New

Welcome to the thirtieth episode of Self Help for Robots: Something New

AI is now Artificial Insanity

screen cap of video demonstration showing Cimon glitching

Insane beings can be useful, to be sure. Have you heard the joke about my brother who thinks he's a chicken?

Peak AI Snake-Oil

Good ol' BoingBoing has something new for me six days out of seven. This time, they're taking on my own field!

The Ultimate Turing Test

What is the ultimate achievement in artificial intelligence?

Announcing the Best Holiday Gift

I think the music from the podcast will be a great gift, anyways!

What is an Emotion?

Here's what I'm working on: neural models of emotions!

Comparing Machine Learning Models

graphic showing flowers and text describing it as mashed potatoes

It's not yet CoreML2, but I've been testing how Apple has integrated Machine Learning into its toolbox.

Meet the New Algorithms

Image showing protesters from original article

Same as the old algorithms? A new article shows the limitations of the current research into Artificial Intelligence.

Affective Neuroscience, an introduction

Graphic by Zach Weinersmith from SMBC

A new comic from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal got me thinking.

Happy Labor Day

Image showing man lighting cigarette with blowtorch with text Happy Labor Day Keep it real…

I hope you have a very happy and relaxing Labor Day!

The image is from "Blue Collar (1978)" found at http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/blue-collar/ with the music also available at https://youtu.be/aU4OjJPtNa0




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