I know how I'll build Cogsworth Jr

Screenshot of Apple presentation showing tokens and neural network layers

The latest from Apple's WWDC describes making apps smarter with Natural Language Processing (NLP). I'm going to build a new demo for Cogsworth as soon as the stable Xcode drops!

A Drone has Dreams

Screenshot of JPL animation showing helicopter on Mars

A test by JPL of systems made here in Colorado was successful!

Pay now? Or, pay later?

Elon Musk tweeted again, irresponsibly and immorally pushing Autopilot

Elon Musk wants to sell you things. Too bad for you if they don't work and are completely immoral.

Introducing Hugin II

text WHEEE following Autel Evo drone in flight

The second drone (around these parts) to bear the name "Hugin" needs no introduction.

Celebrate to Mark the Occasion

Graphic from blog promoting IBM Watson showing text including author

I was very pleased to see this. I'll add a link when it's published!

Tesla Considered Unsafe

This is appalling.

The headline at "Jalopnik" is "Tesla Model 3 Drives Straight Into Overturned Truck In What Seems To Be Autopilot Failure" and there are multiple videos of the crash. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

Huey, Dewey, and Louis got an Upgrade!

Announcing the Mighty Ducks Squadron: Huey, Dewey, and Louis!

So Far, Not so Good

Someone has really missed the boat on the difference of mind vs brain!


Why I'm Confident

Multiple screenshots highlighting 99% accuracy in training model

I was just given my first, official, Artificial Intelligence task as a contractor at IBM. I think it's starting out well!

I just designed and trained a custom model of my own design using the workshop notes from a very talented IBMer.

The New Normal

Mirror selfie of the author wearing a hand-sewn mask

I don't think we will ever go back to the way things were. Not that I'm complaining, as I'm grateful to be alive!

And one of the new things that will be normal will be machine processing of feelings. I'm confident about that.


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