Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Screen cap of results showing labels and text

Science! Science! Science!


"solo" by C.J. Pitchford and other text

Announcing a new concert series: SOLO!

I can't believe I haven't uploaded this here. But it's not an MP3, so not everyone will be able to play it.

I'm gonna do YouTube or Facebook for my first concert. I'll crowdsource the answer.

Check Out This Robot Musician

More Robot Rock is on its way from Georgia Tech!

Isn't Now a Good Time?

Does now work for you Elon? Isn't now a good time to start (if not a bit late) to make ventilators?

Moving in Progress

comic panel showing illustration of man tinkering with robot teddy bear

I've got plans but first, I best get situated!

Drones are my New Homies

Glamour shot of three CoDrone drones

Meet Huey, Dewey, and Louis!

The Elephant in my Pajamas

Classifying emotionally ambiguous phrases is fun!

They no longer even care

Tesla has stopped responding to the NTSB regarding Autopilot. What fresh new amoral hell is this?

Episode 55 Audio: Double Nickel

Episode 55 Audio: Double Nickel

Philosophy of Emotions

Graphic showing analysis of "I am fine" using OME

I'm glad that the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has been updated. The previous entry for Emotions has been justly deprecated, as it was so wrong ("How wrong was it?"), it should have been in the StanDERP Encyclopedia.


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