Episode 47 Audio: The Convergence

Welcome to the forty-seventh episode of Self Help for Robots: The Convergence

New Site Slogan

A theory of mind is a terrible thing to waste.

That is all.

Seeking Clarity

Image showing text of exercise in understanding anger from mind over mood

Sometimes, I come across something profound and meaningful in the ordinary and mundane, just every now and zen—you saw that coming, right?

Episode 46 Audio: The Two-Parter

Welcome to the forty-sixth episode of Self Help for Robots: The Two-Parter

Who is Responsible?

Atrios points out what Elon Musk tweeted

Tesla "Autopilot" is a cruel joke, or worse, a fraud resulting in death. The NTSB said it contributed to the crash!

Episode 45 Audio: A Question of Soul

Welcome to the forty-fifth episode of Self Help for Robots: A Question of Soul

Everything is Relative

Some beautiful editing, music and time-lapse, showing the relative motion of the Earth.


Episode 44 Audio: An Open Letter

Welcome to the forty-fourth episode of Self Help for Robots: An Open Letter

Episode 43 Audio: Domesticated Robotics

Welcome to the forty-third episode of Self Help for Robots: Domesticated Robotics

Patent Pending

It is done! Image shows USPTO receipt

I finally did it! I filed a patent for ol' Cogsy!


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