It Would be Sad if True

Image of book cover of The Accidental Homo Sapiens

I'm reading The Accidental Homo Sapiens: Genetics, Behavior, and Free Will by Ian Tattersall & Rob DeSalle more for the survey of human evolution than for new ideas.

Episode 41 Audio: Still Doing it Wrong

Welcome to the forty-first episode of Self Help for Robots: Still Doing it Wrong

From the Monster to the Tiny

Picture of piano with arrow pointing to computer screen, taken by the author.

Last week's experiment was bigness on top of huge piled high with enormity, encompassing the all-colossal! This weekend, instead, I went small.

Thoughts on Karma

An individual's Karma persists through the cycles of rebirth, but only within that person's lifetime. The Karma of a group, however, will last for generations.


one atmosphere

Musical selection 'one atmosphere' by C.J. Pitchford cover image shows trees and sunlight

The new rig is already packed away until the next experiment.

Episode 40! Audio: Doing it Wrong

Welcome to the fortieth episode of Self Help for Robots: Doing it Wrong

My New Rig

ITS ALI-no. Just a FRANKEN-RIG, or, FRANKEN-KEYS, is all.

Like how a guitar can be called an ax, a keyboard arrangement can be called a rig.

Episode 39 Audio: Right or Wrong

Welcome to the thirty-ninth episode of Self Help for Robots: Right or Wrong

Throw Money! That Always Works!

Late stage neural vision generator

Well, look who's discovered a neurological interest in cognition? Everyone!

Does This Evoke Empathy?

image from showing article headline and teaser

BoingBoing shows a video glitching and like a carnival barker shouts: "Watch an AI-generated human face become monstrous as its neural network decays!"


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