Episode 39 Audio: Right or Wrong

Welcome to the thirty-ninth episode of Self Help for Robots: Right or Wrong

Throw Money! That Always Works!

Late stage neural vision generator

Well, look who's discovered a neurological interest in cognition? Everyone!

Does This Evoke Empathy?

image from BoingBoing.net showing article headline and teaser

BoingBoing shows a video glitching and like a carnival barker shouts: "Watch an AI-generated human face become monstrous as its neural network decays!"

Episode 38 Audio: Midlife

Welcome to the thirty-eighth episode of Self Help for Robots: Midlife

Electric Boogaloo, Too

Image is cover of "Electric Boogaloo, Too" showing black and white illustration and text.

Free music that hips and hops and boogies to the boogity beat. I'm sure of it!

Shot Down 2019

image for cover of instrumental song "Shot Down 2019"

Dark ambient is getting pretty dark!

Have You Tried Anticipation™?

From the makers of Anxiety™ and Happiness™, just in time for Spring, the fresh new feeling with all the right notes!

Lost Children

Cover image of blue sky for Lost Children by C.J. Pitchford

There are no words in instrumental music, as sometimes there are no words for losing a child, or being a lost child oneself.

Adobe Alternatives

Picture of crabapple blossoms with text "Adobe Alternatives"

The flower blossoms shout "Spring" while the music stomps and crushes the flowers! Wait, what?

Heaven and Hell

Image for cover of instrumental song "Heaven and Hell"

More free music! Can you believe this is nearly the same track arrangement as the dance music from yesterday?


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