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Image showing YouTube interface used as background for song titled "Give Goodness"

I just completed the most epic piece of music I've ever written. Using an ancient form, the passacaglia, contrapuntal techniques and massive organ and choir banks in GarageBand, EDM REQUIEM puts the FUNK in missa pro defunctis!

Fork it

illustration of fleur du mal as cover for Fork it

Here's something I think you'll really like!

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Episode 29 Audio: A Change is Coming

Welcome to the twenty-ninth episode of Self Help for Robots: A Change is Coming
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Higher Power

Icon for song "Higher Power" by C.J. Pitchford from EDM REQUIEM II

Used here by permission, of course, from Chris Pitchford Publishing, LTD, this is "Higher Power" from EDM REQUIEM II.

After a couple false starts, the organ was recorded in a single take. Enjoy!


This article appeared on Slashdot at the same time I recorded the last podcast episode!

Episode 28 Audio: Invented Father

Welcome to the twenty-eighth episode of Self Help for Robots: Invented Father
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Episode 27 Audio: Three Cubed

Welcome to the twenty-seventh episode of Self Help for Robots: Three Cubed
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Episode 26 Audio: One Year, We're Still Here

Welcome to the twenty-sixth episode of Self Help for Robots: One Year, We're Still Here
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One-Year Anniversary!

It's been one year since the first post here at Self Help for Robots!


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