And the Laptop Played on

GarageBand interface showing robot drummer with MIDI instructions

The title from the print version of Scientific American is my kind of story. But Ableton Push is just a fancy Simon game (I'm old).

Episode 33 Audio: Double Trouble

Welcome to the thirty-third episode of Self Help for Robots: Double Trouble

Episode 32 Audio: Something New

Welcome to the thirty-second episode of Self Help for Robots: Something New

The State of AI

Image of code showing MLDataTable creation in CreateML

The current state of AI is both amazing and depressing. Let's get the bad news out of the way, first, shall we?

New Robot Rock: heartbeat phase

image showing spiral galaxy and text

New robot rock, now in epic prog length!

CreateML and CoreML go Great Together

Image showing swift code used to create MLDataTable in Xcode by Apple

Apple makes it easy to build text and image classifier regressors. Cogsworth never sounded so smart!

Episode 31 Audio: Robot Rock

Welcome to the thirty-first episode of Self Help for Robots: Robot Rock

Robot Rock

Image of you-will-be-released-from-the-burden-of-your-past.jpg

This is "you will be released from the burden of your past" by C.J. Pitchford © 2019

Clarity in Disparity

Image of song file for "Clarity in Disparity"—electronic synthesonic ambient

I've come up with a new term for my musical creations!

It's part symphonic, and all synthesizer! So, let's go with SYNTHEPHONIC!

Twenty, Nineteen, Eighteen…

Image of song file for "20, 19, 18"—electronic ambient pop

Happy New Year's!


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