Episode 32 Audio: Something New

Welcome to the thirty-second episode of Self Help for Robots: Something New

I have to do this more often! Of course, please enjoy the latest episode of the podcast!

But don't hold your breath, and don't wait before you check out this episode.

There's a new theme! I have to say: old theme, you were great. I'm gonna miss ya. But I love the new music, as it comes straight from the instrumental, "you will be released from the burden of your past," that debuted in the last episode of the podcast, "Episode 31: Robot Rock."

Speaking of Robot Rock (and do I speak of anything else), there's new music: "flow" that could also be "goth pop" as that's a thing now that I just made it up. Not that I made up the genre itself, as I think you will hear the influence of Enya on the instrumentation. But I contrasted modes and keys, which I don't hear as often in pop or rock as I'd like... But I'm iconoclastic in my musical taste, if you haven't figured that out for yourself by now.

Thanks for checking this out, and again, please enjoy the latest episode of the podcast!