Episode 33 Audio: Double Trouble

Welcome to the thirty-third episode of Self Help for Robots: Double Trouble

I'm glad I'm doing this more often! Of course, please enjoy the latest episode of the podcast!

I liked last week's title so much, I had recycled it. I could have done that before, when I was reviewing the episodes way back in the day…

But the double-three in the episode number also seemed to inspire the title. 33! With one more episode, this podcast will totally have outlived Jesus! At least, that's what I thought, when I turned 34. I had outlived Jesus AND survived Y2K AND witnessed the birth of my son, but I stopped while I was ahead.

Or, maybe I should have. But instead, in this episode I ask the question, "What is Cogsworth?" The answer requires two parts, so there's double trouble all over the place!