Episode 40! Audio: Doing it Wrong

Welcome to the fortieth episode of Self Help for Robots: Doing it Wrong

Episode 40? Aw, yes. Episode 40! There was so much left over from the last episode, it's another episode already!

Yes, a little politics sets the tone. How can you discuss right and wrong without pointing out the incredibly wrong actions of the traitor Donald John Trump "Comrade Preznint Stupid" mis-adventure into maladministration?

But the real highlight here is the very first mention of the Serialized Object Ledger! The SOL of emotion objects is analogous to an immortal soul, obviously.

What do you mean, it doesn't exist? No—I can't provide any evidence for my own soul, life energy, life force, or whatever you want to call it—except for my continued existence, of course. I don't have that problem in my invention, however, as the definition and purpose—the sequential storage of uniform emotion objects as related context to a text, or story, exists—right there—in my specification! Just as emotions are real, and can be felt by anything as they are transitive by definition, they are preserved in memory as both models and instances (to use programmerish descriptions that are both real objects as well as metaphorical shortcuts to the messy reality of non-robotic memory which isn't even fully understood). There's a whole lot more to be said about that, but just as when I started, the moral need for its very existence was undeniable, and someday I'll even write about how it felt when the eureka moment hit, but today is not that day…

Of course, the study of ethics continues, highlighting what was left out. As the real goal here is to work out the universal moral principles by which organic and inorganic, natural and artificial life, can live together.

And, it was raining.