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Image showing YouTube interface used as background for song titled "Give Goodness"

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Here's the description from Patreon:

EDM REQUIEM is a reboot, if you will, of Mozart's Requiem, unfinished at his death, but now at the foundation of the western musical canon. An operatic approach to a religious mass, there was plenty of better examples of that kind of music from Mozie's oeuvre. But the popularity and approachability of the Requiem mass makes it a fitting start to exploring musical drama.

On its own, "Give Goodness" is a dramatic 10 1/2 minutes long, trying for epic length with a prog view of development. The beginning, middle, and end are all sections unto themselves, but all of it derives from a single harmonic round.

Yes, like "Row, row, row your boat," there are repeating figures, woven fugue-like over a repeating descending bassline, a repeating harmony that is the descendent of the ancient passacaglia. But this is not just musical counterpoint, but the historical descent through the idea of counterpoint to find its essence, its tension and release.

The goodness at the heart of the Benedictus in the traditional mass, flows from saints and angels through the community, from high to low. The music follows that, as a search for salvation through rhythm. Despite not knowing where it will go, or how long it will take to get there, the music is relentless, and cadences increase in tension...

...until it starts over again, even after it appears to be complete. Sometimes, giving goodness is like that, when someone asks for your help, that is, and its not quite clear how. As long as the goodness is wanted, one can keep trying different ways.