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Looks Like Multi-Model is the Way

No, this isn't a Mandalorian reference. Well, it wasn't until I just wrote it—and I haven't seen it so I can't really comment on that.

Domesticated Robotics Taking Academia by Storm

electronic drum components as seen from a low angle

Well, I might be getting ahead of myself. But at least one other researcher is talking about a different approach to AI. Can you hear the thunder?

Why Not, Indeed?

Cartoon panels with person and robot and commentary

The image accompanying this article is from part of the work at, © Zach Wienersmith, and appears here as fair use (commentary), because: Boy! Do I have comments on the state of AI development.

Immoral Uncertainty

An example of unsupervised immorality

Successors to the popular Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) neural model have been tested for morality. Any surprise they all failed?

So Far, Not so Good

Someone has really missed the boat on the difference of mind vs brain!

Why I'm Confident

Multiple screenshots highlighting 99% accuracy in training model

I was just given my first, official, Artificial Intelligence task as a contractor at IBM. I think it's starting out well!

I just designed and trained a custom model of my own design using the workshop notes from a very talented IBMer.

New Site Slogan

A theory of mind is a terrible thing to waste.

That is all.

Throw Money! That Always Works!

Late stage neural vision generator

Well, look who's discovered a neurological interest in cognition? Everyone!

Does This Evoke Empathy?

image from showing article headline and teaser

BoingBoing shows a video glitching and like a carnival barker shouts: "Watch an AI-generated human face become monstrous as its neural network decays!"

The State of AI

Image of code showing MLDataTable creation in CreateML

The current state of AI is both amazing and depressing. Let's get the bad news out of the way, first, shall we?


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