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Peak AI Snake-Oil

Good ol' BoingBoing has something new for me six days out of seven. This time, they're taking on my own field!

The Ultimate Turing Test

What is the ultimate achievement in artificial intelligence?

Meet the New Algorithms

Image showing protesters from original article

Same as the old algorithms? A new article shows the limitations of the current research into Artificial Intelligence.


This article appeared on Slashdot at the same time I recorded the last podcast episode!

The Sad State of AI

Here's perhaps the best summary of the current state of artificial intelligence:

No empathy for robots? What about from robots?

I just read the following statement at

"We must continue to teach kids to appreciate beauty, and show them the value of empathy. These are things machines will only ever be able to simulate, never experience."

The first part of the statement is uncontroversial. In fact, it sounds like the basis for my own attempt at parenting.

The Orthographic Model of Emotions

A cartesian model using three axes to represent components of emotions

I just posted to Medium a model for understanding emotions so simple, a machine could understand it.

Them. I mean them, as in, emotions. As in, machines can understand emotions!

More to come

Check out this new conference in Emotion AI!

Affectiva, the sponsor, has an SDK in use right here on this site that you can check out from the link in the menu.

Celebrate the Father of Computer Science

Picture of Alan Turing

Alan Turing was born on this date, June 23. As heartbreaking as his personal story can be, his work is fundamental to understanding the intersection of math and intelligence.

As intelligence takes on so many connotations when studied, so does Alan's work and his life.

I hope that emotional intelligence will be a hallmark to computer development. It would be a fitting extension to what has happened and how to make effective change.

Teaching robots how to lie?

Screen capture of representation of AI negotiations based on human interactions.

A new AI built by Facebook (who would've known) has learned to lie. Who would've—wait.


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