Ravens and Theory of Mind

HUGIN III, an Evo II, is one drone while MUNIN II, a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, is another

Hugin and Munin make appearances in two articles as two very different entities. Perhaps you already know the names come from Norse mythology. Myths tries to teach us what science now confirms.

Project Protohyperlapse

An iPhone and two iPads are shown attached to a tripod next to flowers

Announced last night on Facebook to absolutely no fanfare: Project Protohyperlapse! Not oneā€¦ Not two; but three! Three cameras!


This might just be in the cool category: robot race cars!


Meet the New Algorithms

Image showing protesters from original article

Same as the old algorithms? A new article shows the limitations of the current research into Artificial Intelligence.

99 Problems but Feeling Isn't One

Meme downloaded from Twitter joking about POTUS criminality

Robots, in the old fashioned, literary, sense are like hydrogen-fueled cars: availability is always twenty-five years around the corner, while the technology is right here.


From comic Nancy showing Nancy thinking about Sluggo as a robot

I would like to adopt "Sluggobot" as this site's new mascot!

Robot union rules!

Image used by fair use, showing robotic arm and drums

In case any robots need a break. Music is a good way to pass the time!

Boing Boing found this video:

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