Another Open Letter to Dr. Barrett

Dear Dr. Barrett:

I hope you don’t mind that I share publicly that I’m loving your book, How Emotions are Made.

Does This Evoke Empathy?

image from BoingBoing.net showing article headline and teaser

BoingBoing shows a video glitching and like a carnival barker shouts: "Watch an AI-generated human face become monstrous as its neural network decays!"

The State of AI

Image of code showing MLDataTable creation in CreateML

The current state of AI is both amazing and depressing. Let's get the bad news out of the way, first, shall we?

What is an Emotion?

Here's what I'm working on: neural models of emotions!

99 Problems but Feeling Isn't One

Meme downloaded from Twitter joking about POTUS criminality

Robots, in the old fashioned, literary, sense are like hydrogen-fueled cars: availability is always twenty-five years around the corner, while the technology is right here.

No empathy for robots? What about from robots?

I just read the following statement at https://medium.com/@rowantrollope/ai-and-our-kids-raising-centaurs-c91cc...

"We must continue to teach kids to appreciate beauty, and show them the value of empathy. These are things machines will only ever be able to simulate, never experience."

The first part of the statement is uncontroversial. In fact, it sounds like the basis for my own attempt at parenting.

The Orthographic Model of Emotions

A cartesian model using three axes to represent components of emotions

I just posted to Medium a model for understanding emotions so simple, a machine could understand it.

Them. I mean them, as in, emotions. As in, machines can understand emotions!

Research on Affective Computing

A draft figure by Stacy Marsella, Jonathan Gratch, Paolo Petta

There will be reading (and maybe a quiz)!

Why study emotions objectively?

What are emotions? Well, according to a book I just read, Crucial Conversations, they are the result of the stories we tell ourselves.

Those stories being subjective, the emotions, too, are subjective--and subject to change. But don't try to tell someone who felt bitter disappointment that it wasn't real, just because the story upon which the feeling was based wasn't.

Wasn't real, that, is.


Learning without understanding

I just saw an article for this: https://www.affectiva.com over at Slashdot (https://developers.slashdot.org/story/17/05/21/2137208/how-ai-can-infer-...).

Of course, using a massive database with humans providing the context, machines can learn, but can not understand.

Thus, they can't explain their decisions, or help emotional cognition, just recognition.

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